The term therapy encompasses diverse treatments that aim to cure many different kinds of ailments.  In terms of mental health, however, therapy refers to treatments designed to alleviate physical and emotional distress that stem from various emotional traumas. 

There are many kinds of mental health treatments available these days. Therapy treatments range from cognitive behavioral methods that emphasize thought/feeling redirection, problem-solving, skill building techniques (such as CBT, DBT, EMDR, IFS, NLP, etc.) to prescriptive experiential, emotional work (such as SE, EFT). 

In-depth therapy, (i.e., talk therapy, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, modern analysis) is a different kind of experience.  This is an exploration and a finding out about all that has made for the current dilemmas or difficulties.  It does not make diagnoses, assumptions or prescriptions.  Talking about anything and everything (exploring a field without a fence) is the vehicle for sufficiently acknowledging and understanding the whole self and its needs/desires.  To understand the self in this way is key to carving out a better daily life.  Our goal is to offer this most beneficial experience.

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