— for people who want to get at the root of life suffering and emotional distress —

Whether you want to escape intolerable anxiety, depression, despair, hurt, anger or whether you want to improve any aspect of yourself, your work, your relationships —

I work with people who want to get at the root of their life suffering and emotional distress.

Like other complex problems, when painful emotional states are sufficiently addressed, they can be sufficiently alleviated.

Short-term or long-term, I listen carefully and provide comprehensive, active Couples Counseling, Psychotherapy, or Analysis at your pace.

I’m available on-screen, by phone, or in person. I do not accept insurance so our work together is always completely private.

I work with people who want to alleviate distress caused by:

◆ Depression, Loneliness

◆ Anxiety, Panic attacks, Chronic distress

◆ Trauma:  Emotional/Sexual Abuse, Neglect, PTSD

◆ Self-worth, Lack of Confidence

◆ Underachievement, Identity Issues

◆ Regret, Loss, Grief, Heartbreak

◆ Ambivalence, Feeling Stuck

◆ Lost, Without Direction

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