— for people who want to get at the root of life suffering and emotional distress —

Whether you want relief from bad feelings (anxiety, sadness/depression, hurt, anger, resentment) or whether you want to improve some aspect of yourself, your work life, or your relationships:

We are dedicated to working with people who want to get at the root of their life suffering and emotional distress.

Short term or long term, we offer in-depth talk therapy at your own pace. We welcome people in person, by video or by phone and of course, all contact is strictly confidential.

Informed by current neurobiological research, we respect the humanitarian heritage of our profession and utilize it’s best practices.

Addressing emotional issues inherent in the life span, we treat people who experience:

◆ depression, loneliness
◆ anxiety, panic attacks, chronic stress
◆ relationship issues
◆ self worth, underachievement, identity issues
◆ trauma: emotional/sexual abuse, neglect, PTSD
◆ ambivalence, feeling stuck
◆ disappointment: regret, loss, grief, heartbreak
◆ aging, retirement issues

Anna and Bill Frost offer psychodynamic treatment for all people regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation.

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