Most people tend to ’couple up’ in one way or another. As humans, we long to feel understood and search out reliable comfort and pleasure with a mate.

Frequently however, when our partners don’t measure up in these ways, we want/need to figure out what can be done.

To navigate ‘what to do’ about this, we need to understand what has made it.  As communication is modeled and practiced in the therapeutic context, it provides the means to address long-standing conflict and repair inherent hurt and resentment.

If partners/mates recognize their role in detrimental or hurtful patterns and learn to talk together about everything that is impactful to them — good and pleasurable relationship again becomes possible.

Good relationships result when partners can easily talk, listen and understand each other. Bill or Anna offer a nonpartisan place to learn to do that.

You can’t change things unless you talk about them.

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