Do you feel misunderstood in your relationship, or lonely in your marriage?  Are there too many arguments? or, is there too much silence? Might you sometimes think you infuse negative patterns from your past into your current relationship and don’t know how to stop?

When we experience intense relentless feelings of hurt, anger, or resentment, we are physiologically affected. Stress response kicks in and exacerbates anxiety, affecting our heart rate, our breathing. We can’t sleep, we ruminate, we gear up for battle — and can’t imagine how to find relief.  

However, relief is possible. To get relief from these kinds of impinging toxic feelings, they must be “off-loaded.”  And healthy off-loading occurs when we talk honestly, expel, express, and no longer “hold everything together,” no longer “contain it all.” 

This requires a reliable frame/relationship with a trained and trusted clinician who will understand you and meet you where you are.

In each session, as needed, you will get practical help with how to establish boundaries, how to communicate, and how to position yourself to your advantage.

When you feel seen, heard, and understood — you will feel better in yourself and be able to make healthy choices in every relationship — every interaction.

I can help.  I offer a free 15 minute phone consultation so you can ask me questions and find out if we are a good fit.  You’re welcome to call or text me: 303.547.8394


You can’t change things unless you talk about them

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